11 comments on “Fat Cops Are Useless And Fat

  1. greatest website, article, commentary EVER in the history of the INTERNETWEBZ. Cereally there are literal tears running down my face cereally. I’m cereal.

  2. If only you didn’t have seven followers and three people that actually read this shit…

    Your points are perfect, your hatred right on par, and fat cops uselessness perfectly on display.

    I am unfortunate to be a fitness coordinator for a bunch of fat “cops”. I hate my life. They hate themselves but love a good 18 inch jimmy johns fat roll. Sammiches and fatassery breed douchbaggery and that is your modern day fat cop. Fuck thier diets and their laziness!

    • It’s amusing to watch their chins jiggle as they try to mock your DL, then break into a monologue about the egg beaters and bagel breakfast they had last week, in between sips of their fourth Monster Energy of the day. Sure bruh, it’s just hypertrophy table muscle training

  3. You complete fucking duncecaps. Sergeant Al Powell tells that asshole white dude behind the counter to bag dem shits. Do some research. Die Hard is on one of them HBOs at least twice a week. There’s two of you! Talk about tits on a bull.

  4. Fat criminals are just as fucking funny. Fuck it; all fatties are hilarious. Specially when da sugars takes dem feet.

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