30 comments on “Women Ruin Everything Vol I: Watching Football

    • Insightful. I would say the only exception to these norms would be actually being at an SEC game in the student section. The females know a little more, REALLY give a shit, and are 9s and 10s. Ex; AJ McCarrons girlfriend.

  1. yup JoMO, and here it is! I FUCKING LOVE football. I pay way more attention to the game than my frickin’ husband. i have many friends that are women that also LOVE football, you blowhard. I agree, many women hate it or pretend to like it but there is another category that love sports. we are athletes and we don’t necessarily like Erin Andrews or any of the other idiotic women commentating on the sidelines.

    • Michelle, I guess if your kitchen has a tv, it’s ok for you to watch while you’re making BSD’s sandwich. Just hurry the fuck up. And it better not distract you from bringing me a fresh beer every 20 min either.

  2. I couldn’t care less, and I don’t comment. If necessary I’ll go to the kitchen, prepare some food and pour a drink. Then I’ll just go back to my book and enjoy myself. Guess that makes me a fucking saint.

  3. btw, I love sports, just don’t think football is a game, not a sport. I’ll watch just about anything else.

    • Definition of sport – An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others.

      Definition of game – A form of play or sport, esp. a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck.

      Football is both a game and sport. I’d love to know what “sports” you love.

      • I don’t like teams, I enjoy individual sports. Boxing, Olympic Lifting, Speed Skating and Swimming are my favorites to watch. I can not exited about a team playing, even if they are the national team. With individuals I can like someone very much (as a person and for their skills) and I want them to win, even if they play against someone from my own country.

  4. First of all; funny…I think I pee’d a little..secondly; fuck u dude! Don’t lump us all in with the stupid twats. I suffered thru 3 extra hour of drug free labor with my legs crossed cos I was not about to let my rapidly forthcoming alien parasite interupt game 1 of the playoffs..so blow me 😛

  5. Here come all the comments from women who so want you to believe they’re into football that they call you ‘dude’ and other sammich-makers ‘dude’ with every sentence.

    “Dude, did you see that play?!” “Dude, quit bogarting the quac!” “Dude, grab me a coldie too.” “Dude, where’d you get these throw pillows.” Etc.

  6. “yup JoMO, and here it is! I FUCKING LOVE football. I pay way more attention to the game than my frickin’ husband. i have many friends that are women that also LOVE football,”

    Women who love sports….yeah they are called carpet munchers. ;o)
    Back in the KITCHEN wench!

  7. I don’t need to pretend to like football for a man to like me. My BJ’s cover that.

    Also, I pee’d a lot over the “boner free zone” Holy funny!

  8. Love this! I hate football, I’m bored with it, I used to be one of those women who pretended to like it and I’d get all into it every weekend with my ex until I realized he was a douch and I didn’t have to pretend to be someone I wasn’t. Now I make plans to do things outside of the kitchen and outside of the house (I know, I’m lucky to have these priviledges) when he wants to watch football ALL FUCKING DAY Saturday AND Sunday, and again Monday night, and now they added these fucking Thursday night games…..seriously, it makes we want to menstruate all over you circle jerks! Thank God this shit will be over after this weekend!

  9. Really? You guys are goddamn idiots, wanting watch guys in tight pants scamper around a field of grass and then talk about it like the spectacle actually means something.

    Now, get me a beer on the way out, Kathy.

  10. This is always a tough conversation to have… How do you tell someone that while they’re “crossfit funny”, when it comes to general comedy maybe they should leave it to the professionals? I’m choosing to do it via snarky, passive (not really that passive) aggressive comment. So let me get this straight, women are all like “I have periods!” and “sports are dumb” and dudes are all “stop being cold and make food!”. Dude, that is so funny because its true! You just revolutionized comedy! I’ve never heard of a comedian being so bold as to explore the inherent humor found in common gender stereotypes! I’m gonna call you Glassman because you just posted laughs as RX! LOL! OMG!

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